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Ithaca αnd Kefalonia, the islands of Odysseus, are situated in the Ionian Sea on the west of mainland Greece and belong to the Ionian group of islands. From an administrative point of view, together with some uninhabited islands and islets, they fall under the Prefecture of Cephalinia and Ithaca and the Region of the Ionian Islands.

The islands’ geomorphology can be described as mountainous and semimountainous with its highest peak on Mount Ainos (or Aenos) reaching 1628 m. which has been characterized as a National Park, but also by their verdurous plains. The coasts form safe gulfs, extensive capes and steep slopes, signifying the intense geological phenomena that separated the islands from mainland Greece thousands of years ago. The islands have a Mediterranean climate and which is generally mild with hot summers and mild winter, guaranteeing good weather conditions for exploration all year round. The islands’ cultural features were intensely marked due to their strategic position whilst passing from mainland Greece to the Western Mediterranean. Their long and disrupted history has passed down an abundant cultural heritage, which harmoniously assimilates the Western-European influences into the authentic Greek character as can be seen from relics of the Ionian Island. With the passing of time, at the crossroads of political and socio-economical developments, the residents’ culture stands apart from the rest, with restless spirit, grand simplicity and unaffected pride, reminiscent of the virtues of the Odysseus, their beloved ancient king.

The images of Kefalonia and Ithaca are unlike those of other islands: Infinite journeys either on land or by sea with the discovery of dreamy beaches, verdurous scenery, rare geological phenomena and unique biotopes. Their culture is displayed by the simple Ionian Island architecture, the Venetian castles, the monuments and relics of a long-lasting spiritual and religious tradition and a vivacious local gastronomy adorned by the local wine of the Robola grape variety.

Lively, authentic island settlements, tourist resorts and picturesque ports discreetly evade the hustle and bustle of mass tourism and open-handedly offer their warm hospitality to those that respect the grandeur and beauty hidden by the “journey” itself.


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