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Slip into the traditional Kefalonian kitchens to taste authentic and traditional “retsetes” (recipes), dine in style in gourmet restaurants and get to know the contemporary creative style of the authentic Kefalonian cuisine. In the Ionian kitchens, Italian and Greek traditions meet and the result becomes a ritual.

The Kefalonian cuisine was significantly influenced by the Venetians given that it was under their occupation for a long time. Influences can be found in many local “retsetes” (recipes) such as the Venetian pastitsio, which uses more spices as well as in “oven-baked sweets”. However, there are also many other foreign influences in the traditional recipes due to the ingredients that Kefalonian seamen would bring from their travels throughout the world. Generally speaking though, the local’s food is simple and is based on local products.

The Kefalonian pies are exceptional. It is surely worth trying the Kefalonian kreatopita (meat pie), although the bakaliaropita (cod pie), avrakoti tiropita (pastry-less cheese pie), htapodopita (octopus pie), hortaropita (vegetable pie) made from wild and aromatic edible plants, aginaropita (artichoke pie) and the sweet myzithropita (myzithra cheese pie), have a distinctive taste.

You should also try the Kefalonian rabbit with garlic sauce, the bourgeto (a fish dish), and of course the famous aliada (garlic dip) intended for the brave palates. Both Kefalonia and Ithaca are renowned for their lamb and goat dishes.

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